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Epping Congs
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Epping Congs
     In 1963 under the tuetelage of Eric Hunt, the Epping Congs Soccer club was reborn. In truth, it may have been running in 1962, but I was in England so I don't know. What I do know, is that on my return from England I started playing with my mates from the Epping Congs. In the early days we had the likes of David Hunt, Eric's eldest son, David  & John Short, sons of the local doctor, Darcy Short. These three were considerably older than the rest of the team which became the nucleus of the club for many tears. John Hunt, Eric's youngest son, Neil Badger, recently returned from England, Jim McMillan, our Scottish import, Peter Marchant, Ian Starkey, Alan "Tangles" Bevan, Peter "Pedro" Hosie, Kit Richmond, Mike "Pockets" Riley.
     Most of the senior players left in 1964 and the call went out for extra bodies and incredibly we were able to mount two teams. Imaginatively known as the "A" team and the "B" team. Jimmy Mac pulled in a Scottish mate of his John Wilkinson and between them they gathered a group of reasonably good players. The "B" team was more of your social outing than a sporting team. If the scores were to be kept on hand then two or three people were needed or the scorer had to remove his shoes.
     The following year, a number of the "A" team decided they were too serious and dropped back to the "B" team and they started to become moderatley competitive.
     Over the next few years there were many defections from other clubs with players that liked our laid back attitude.


    Pedro has quite an athletic body but absolutely no motor skills co-ordination. He operated in a small circle of his own personal space and god help anyone who entered it. When he managed  to get within a couple of feet of the ball, he would jump into the air and beat his legs like a freestyle swimmer as if trying to swim higher, unfortunately he didn't point his toes but left them extended, inflicting grievious bodily harm on any player of either team who happened to enter into his personal space. Mercifully he didn't play too often.

    Mike was a sad case. An extremely gifted student and a fine athlete. He developed a brain condition which had him believe that he was losing his mind. When the attacks came he basically shut down and went deep inside his own head. If an attack happened on the field he would put his hands in his pockets and just stand and look at the ground, the ball could roll right past his foot and he wouldn't see it. I believe the condition was eventually controlled with drugs but Mike hasn't been seen for many years.
Pete Pritch has given me some additional history which J have forgotten.
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