The E.Y.P. mob
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Epping Congs
Eastwood Sports


The social heart of Eastwood Sports was The Eastwood Pub, or as it was affectionately known, Browns.

Every week after the game we would adjourn to the Pub for a few quite ones.
Going to the Pub was a two headed sword, yes it was great to have a beer and a chat but there was always, the book.
Just as you were about to buy yourself a beer, Glen would be there with his little black book and the stubby pencil, "You owe three weeks !"
That couldn't be, ebveryone knew they had paid up to date the preceding week, but alas Glen never agreed, and unless you wanted the job of Treasurer, then Glens word was final.
You would have thought Glen was from the temperance society the dampner  he put on our consumption.

Celebrations would carry on at Browns until it was decided where we were all going that night and then it was home, quick shower and off to a party somewhere, and in those days it could well have been anywhere in Sydney, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs, if someone had heard of a party we were there.

Of course, during EYP season that was easy, it was the after show parties, which for some meant staying at Browns for a considerable time until the show was finished. 

Coincidentally, a game cost us 4/- each (that's four shillings) or in terms that are more meaningful, two pints of beer.
I remeber well, because Kit & I would go to the Eastwood Pub on a Friday night with ten bob,  buy two rounds each, have a dutchman's and walk home. Trouble was I lived half-way between The Eastwood Pub & Kit's house, so when we got to my place I would volunteer to keep him company to his place. Once we got there Kit decided he should return the favour and walk me home, if we hadn't run into Sticky on Carlingford Road we might still be going back and forth. 

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